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The Trio of Deception: A Charlatan, a Pseudo-Intellectual, and a Grifter Walk into a Bar

Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever met someone who pretends to be something they’re not? Well, I’ve got a story for you. A Charlatan, a Pseudo-intellectual, and a Grifter walk into a bar. Now, you may be thinking, ‘What’s the punchline?’ But trust me, the joke is on them. Because, you see, these three individuals are all the same person. Yes, I said it, one person with three different personalities, three different con-jobs, and three different ways of scamming people.

So, let’s start with the Charlatan. He’s the smooth-talker, the silver-tongued devil, the one who convinces people that he’s got the secret to success. He sells you a dream, and then disappears with your money. He’s got a knack for making people believe he’s a genius, when in reality, he’s just a snake oil salesman.

Next up, we have the Pseudo-intellectual. This guy’s got a PhD in Bullshit. He uses big words and impressive-sounding theories to make people believe that he’s a deep thinker. But when you look a little closer, you’ll see that he’s just spouting nonsense. He’s like a balloon that’s been filled with hot air.

And last but not least, we have the Grifter. This is the guy who’s always looking for a way to make a quick buck. He’s got a hundred different cons, and he’s always ready to pull one on you. He’s like a thief in the night, always looking for his next mark.

And that, my friends, is the person who walks into a bar. Three different faces, three different cons, but at the end of the day, they’re all the same person. A scam artist, a liar, and a thief.

So, next time you meet someone who seems too good to be true, just remember, they probably are. And if they offer you a deal, run the other way. Because, in this world, a Charlatan, a Pseudo-intellectual, and a Grifter all walk into a bar, but it’s you who pays the price.

"Currer Bell is neither man nor woman, but an abstract thing, an artist." - Michael Garcia Mujica. Echoing this sentiment about Charlotte Brontë's pseudonymous voice, Michael lends his pen to silent film star Louise Brooks. From his base in Coral Gables, Florida, Michael—a writer, visual artist, and curator of Vintage Brooks, Inc.—revitalizes Brooks's legacy. His acclaimed blog, Naked on My Goat, serves as a living tribute to Brooks's enduring influence in dance, her profound writing, and her broad appreciation for the arts. Just as Brontë made an indelible mark in literature despite the societal constraints of her time, Michael accentuates Brooks's trailblazing spirit within the film industry. In his role, he ensures that Brooks's iconic voice continues to resonate within the cultural lexicon of the 21st century, celebrating the intricate victories of women in arts, both past and present. Explore more about the abstract persona of Charlotte Brontë in Michael's piece, "The Abstract Persona: Understanding Charlotte Brontë's Pseudonymous Journey as Currer Bell."

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