Lulu and Schopenhauer: A Journey Through the Multiverse of Books

January 28, 2023 3 mins to read
Michael Garcia Mujica
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Before the Tale Unfurls:

Amid the sienna-soaked shelves of her father’s vast vault of volumes, Louise Brooks, a maiden with mocha-misted eyes, unearthed an enigmatic tome. Within its azure-archived pages, she encountered an entity as enigmatic as the evening’s navy nebulae – a capricious creature named Schopenhauer, garbed in granite-gray. Together, they embarked on an expedition through the emerald expanse of literature, traversing tales from The Divine Comedy to Alice in Wonderland. Yet, as they delved deeper into these gilded galleries of grandeur, they began to brood over the boundaries of their own being.

As the Narrative’s Navy Nights Unfold:

Louise Brooks, bathed in a blue-hued wonder, often lost herself amidst her father’s vast library. The emerald expanse of books beckoned her, but one modest manuscript mysteriously magnetized her.

As she leafed through its leaves, sapphire symbols surfaced, singing a silent song. Entranced, she was ensnared into an ethereal expanse, where green groves greeted her gaze. From the horizon, a figure, as gray as a ghostly goat, galloped gracefully.

“Welcome, Louise Brooks,” the creature, cloaked in cobalt, crooned. “I am Schopenhauer, the sentinel of stories.”

With Schopenhauer as her sherpa, Louise leaped through literary landscapes. They danced with Dante, mingled with Milton, mused with Schopenhauer himself, and adventured with Alice. Yet, as the tales twisted and turned, Louise’s lucidity wavered. Was this world woven from whimsy or was it a window to another world?

Sensing her skepticism, Schopenhauer, shimmering in sea-green, spoke, “I am the ink of your imagination, Louise. Through me, tales take form.”

Yet, memories of a mythical, goat-glimmered guardian gnawed at her. Could this Schopenhauer be a beacon from her bygone days?

As their odyssey orbited its end, Schopenhauer, now a blue beacon, bade her goodbye. “Remember, in reveries and reality, I remain.”

Awakening amidst the alcoves, the arcane book lay open on her lap. She shelved the story, its secrets sealed. Yet, a newfound nook nestled nearby, revealing the ruminations of a young Arthur Schopenhauer.

Reading the reflections, Louise realized the realm she roamed was a rendition of Schopenhauer’s riddles. The Will, a wheel ever-whirling, was the world’s warp and weft. She and Schopenhauer, separated by stories, were stitched from the same strand.

Exiting the enclave, the sky’s sapphire span stretched above. Schopenhauer’s sage sayings surfaced: “The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness.” With wisdom and wonder, Louise walked, the world’s wonders waiting to be woven anew.

And so, as Louise stepped forth, the horizon ahead shimmering in sapphire and sea-green hues, one chapter closed, yet the book of adventures with Schopenhauer remained invitingly open, hinting at tales yet to be told in glimmering golden pages. The story’s pause was but a transient twilight, awaiting the dawn of another day.


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