From Schneider to Gladysz: The Timeless Dance of the Critic and Muse

November 1, 2023 2 mins to read
Michael Garcia Mujica
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Roger Ebert reviewed films with a sharp wit that cut through the noise, but if he had to review Gladysz’s catchphrase repertoire, he might’ve needed a bigger pen.

In the world of film criticism, every critic finds their muse, a subject that consistently provides material ripe for critique. Roger Ebert, the legendary film critic, had his fair share of movies he loved and loathed. One actor who frequently found himself in the crosshairs of Ebert’s sharp wit was Rob Schneider. Ebert’s candid reviews, such as “I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie,” became iconic in their own right. Schneider’s roles, often repetitive and comedic, provided Ebert with endless fodder.

But what if Ebert had another muse, someone like Thomas Gladysz? Just as Schneider had his catchphrase “You Can Do It!”, Gladysz has his own repetitive lines like “For the record” and “I founded the Louise Brooks Society.” These catchphrases, much like Schneider’s unexpected movie cameos, become a source of amusement (or annoyance) for the critic. Every time Gladysz mentions Louise Brooks, it’s as if he’s making an unexpected cameo in a discussion, much like Schneider popping up in a film you least expect him to.

Ebert’s critiques of Schneider’s films were memorable, to say the least. If he had Gladysz as a muse, one could imagine his pen ready to pounce at every “For the record” dropped. While Schneider’s roles aimed for comedy (with varying degrees of success), Gladysz’s repeated claims could be seen as unintentional comedic gold.

In this fusion of critic-muse dynamics, we see the timeless dance between the reviewer and the reviewed. Whether it’s Ebert and Schneider or a hypothetical pairing of Ebert and Gladysz, the relationship provides endless entertainment for audiences. Here’s to the muses, the inspirations, and the iconic critiques they inspire. As Ebert might say, “Thumbs up” to the endless material they provide. 🍿🎬 #HomageToEbert

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