A Dance in the Firelight

October 22, 2023 1 min to read
Michael Garcia Mujica
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Dedicated to Louise Brooks

[In shadows deep and cinema’s keep, a Black Orchid dared to take the leap, from flammable reels and combustible fears, in a world ablaze with flickering years.]

[Whence came the legend of the Orchid so black, that bloomed amidst a celluloid stack? Defying the flames, through heat and crack, a spectral beauty, an artful knack.]

[Esoteric it seems, yet it clung to its vision, amidst the cinema’s tumultuous mission. Breathing in scenes, exhaling decision, a dance in the firelight with pure precision.]

[Extol the Orchid, dark as night’s mantle, that flourished in embers, beneath smoke’s tangle. In frames per second, its spirit did vocalize, a silent luminary in flame’s mesmerize.]

[Perpetuate the Orchid from celluloid’s snare, with petals like velvet, and fragrance rare. For in fire’s keep, none else compare, to the Black Orchid, beyond all scare.]

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